Brand. Brand. Koen Revet & Régilio van Teijlingen

A short film with a double meaning. How carefree hanging out with friends used to feel at a younger age. We tried to capture that feeling. What quickly emerged from this is how wrong things can go if you go through your childhood too carefree. It is always necessary to keep an eye open for each other. There can be more going on right under your nose than you would think in advance...

(English subtitles will follow shortly)


Milan: Milan van Aagten
Noa: Noa Claassen


Camera: Daan de Graaff
Light: Thijs de Boer

Focus: Davey Wagemakers
Camera assistant: Boas Wiegmans

Light assistant: Ralph Faro
Light assistant: Stijn Hendriks

Head sound: Dickenson Eekman
Music/SFX: Nick van den Broek

Production Designer: Nikki de Macker
Set dresser: Evi van waarden

Edit: Jeremy van der Pas
Color: Harm @ Captcha

Production: Regilio van Teijlingen
Production assistant: Nick Nuchelmans

Director: Koen Revet
Director assistant: Moreno Smit